Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rules for Large Map 1v1 tournament

Resources \ settings
Start Energy: 1000
Start Metal: 1000
Max units: 500
Mode: Team Commander ends (kill both enemy central towers)
Disabled units: none

 Map Line up: Nuclear Winter, Valles Marineris V2, Supreme Lake V2, Delta Siege Dry (Finals Map)

NOTA Version: 1.8

Spectators are not allowed how ever all matches are going to be live streamed

No bonuses

No hacks\cheats\glitches

IF a player drops within first 10 mins, game may be restarted, if they drop after that the game will be paused.

IF a player has an incorrect setting or horrid bug or some sort, this must be mentioned within the first minute of game start, match can be restarted. The player has then a maximum of 5mins to correct this.

If a dispute arises, It will be judged by the organization team
Games may NOT be hosted by players. Only an autohost or someone who is a approved hoster.

If a host crashes mid game it may be restarted unless there is a clear winner.. And i do mean CLEAR.

Anyone participating found to be blatantly bending any rules for an unfair advantage or found undermining the success of the tournament will be disqualified.


Bragging rights....
(prizes will happen if we have more of these)

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